Environments can cause or just add on to anxiety. Changing one’s environment can improve anxiety levels. This may mean one needs to change habits, locations, or even people in order to live happier lives.

  • Interviewing
    I have agonized over my resume, making sure it works with my preferred companies’ applicant tracking systems (ATS, for those in the know). That […]
  • Black Lives Matter.
    Black Lives Matter. It’s not my protest of the month punch card with a soon free “not a racist” trading card. It’s a fact […]
  • Step outside
    Change your scenery. Sometimes anxiety creeps up just because you forgot to look at the sky. Even if it’s raining, step outside, look up […]
  • Take out the trash
    Removing the trash from the home is a great way to feel less cluttered. It also shows we care about someone else’s well being. […]
  • Unfuck your habitat
    A person’s habitat can affect their anxiety. https://www.unfuckyourhabitat.com/ is a great resource in how to change the physical habitat to better serve your anxiety […]